“Nobody who is a programmer can be the Kurt Cobain of videogames.”

workout 4.16.2014

a: row 4 x 400m (partners, trading off)

avg time: 1:20

b: 3 rounds of 10 shoulder to overhead / 10 front squats @ 115 lbs (rx 185).

Time: 7:45 (pretty awful, should be closer to 5 tops at that weight, lots of staring at the bar, the clock, my sweat falling to the floor in slow motion, eternity, death, etc….lots of staring, not so much lfiting)

Koen Holtkamp, “Between Visible Things”

My existential ennui is really getting in the way of this existential crisis.


Maslow’s Modern Hierarchy of Needs [x]

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workout 4.14.2014

a: press 5 x 3

result: 155 lbs

b: 50 toes to bar

then… 21-15-9 of wallballs, floor db press w/ 40lb dbs

time: 9:17